Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stories to build your vocabulary (E1) - Lucy gets a date!

Lucy was walking on the beach. She met Professor Liu.
He had an unkempt(=untidy) hair style. As she reached close to him, she figured out that he had put on a toupe(=a small artificial hairpiece worn to cover a bald spot.). He must be a bit thin on top(=to have lost some of the hair on your head), she conjectured(=guessed). However, Lucy did not frown(=furrow one's brows in an expression indicating disapproval, displeasure, or concentration) because she was stuck by the radiance(= happiness, beauty, or good health that you can see in someone's face) of his face.
Liu: Are you about to ask me out(=make a date)?
Lucy was taken to surprise.
Lucy: Why would you ask?
Liu: You have been gazing(=looking steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought)at me for the last 5 minutes.
Lucy: um..I was wondering if I could ask you some questions.
Liu: My subject of specialization is Quantum Mechanics.
Liu smirked(=smile in a silly way). Lucy surmised(=supposed that something is true without having evidence to confirm it) that she was in a stew(=in trouble).
Lucy: Whoa..I had the preoccupied notion that it was a spooky(=sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease) subject. I could never wrapped my head around it(=I could never understand it). So, my question is, are you free this weekend?
He cracked up(=laughed a lot) and nodded. 
Liu: I can't extend a silly excuse, which I used to, because I don't procrastinate(=to put off or delay) dates.